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Letter of Notification to the Collection, Processing and Use of Personal Information

LCY, including LCY CHEMICAL CORP., its factories and branch, shall notice the following items precisely to You in accordance with Article 8 of the Personal Information Protection Act. In the event that any person, agent or other representatives on behalf of You, LCY may contact with, negotiate with, receive delivery from or delivery to a necessary such third party, according to the Article 27 of the Enforcement Rules of the Personal Information Protection Act, You shall inform such third party about the Letter of Notification hereof1 .

1. Purpose of collection:

002 Human Resource Management,

005 Engineering Technical Services Management,

063 Non-government agency collect or process personal information under legal obligations,

069 Contract, contract-like or other legal relation matters,

090 Consumer, Customer Management and Service,

098 Business and Technical Information,

107 Procurement and Supply Management,

116 Site safety management,

130 Meeting Management,

135 Information (Communication) Services,

136 Information (Communication) and database Management,

137 Information and Communication Security and Management,

145 Employment & service administration,

181 Other business operation in accordance with the business registration project or organization Prospectus,

182 Other Consulting and Consultant Services.

2. Code Types of your Personal Information for Collection, Processing and Use:

  • Code 001. Type for identifying individuals, e.g., name, title, address, office address, previous address, home telephone number, cell phone number, messenger account, internet web signing up account, postal and resident address, photograph, fingerprint, the E-mail address, digital signature, serial number of certificate card, certificate serial number, record providing internet identity authentication or applying inquiry service record as well as any other data which can identify the individual.
  • Code 002. Type for identifying finance, e.g., the number and name for financial institutions’ account, the number of credit card or VISA card, the number of insurance policy and any other number or account of individual, etc.
  • Code 003. Type for identifying in government data, e.g., the number of personal ID card, certificate identity number, tax registration numbers, the number of Insurance certificate, the disabled manual number, the number of retirement certificate and the number of passport, etc.
  • Code 011. Individual description, e.g., age, gender, date of birth, native place, nationality and voice, etc.
  • Code 012. Physical description, e.g., height, weight and blood type, etc.
  • Code 013. Habit, e.g., smoke and alcohol, etc. 1 The codes and items which described in the Purpose of collection under the Letter of Notification have to be referred “The specific purpose and the classification of personal information of the Personal Information Protection Act”, as amended from time to time. In the event that such codes or items have to be amended by the Ministry of Justice or other Government agency hereinafter, the codes or items of the Letter of Notification shall be changed at the same time. 2 / 3 LCY-121LAW01-202012-3
  • Code 014. Characteristic, e.g., the comment or opinion on characteristic, etc.
  • Code 021. Family, e.g., single or married, spouse's or co-habitant's name, ex-spouse's name or ex-cohabitant's name, the wedding date and the number of children, etc.
  • Code 022. History of marriage, e.g., the details of previous marriage, co-habitation, divorce or separation and the names of the relevant party, etc.
  • Code 023. Details about other family member, e.g., offspring, dependent person, other family member or relatives, parents, cohabitants and relatives living abroad or in mainland China, etc.
  • Code 024. Other social relations, e.g., friend, colleague and other non-family relationship, etc.
  • Code 031. Residence and facilities, e.g., the address of residence, the type of facility, householder or tenant, the years for living, rent, taxes and other spending, type, value and owner name of the house.
  • Code 033. Immigration, e.g., passport, work-permission document, residency proof document, the limitation of habitation or travel, the prerequisite of entry and other related detail, etc.
  • Code 035. Recreational activities and interests, e.g., the hobbies, sports and other entertainments, etc.
  • Code 039. Licenses or other permissions, e.g., driver's license, vehicle license, license for selfdefense guns and fishery license, etc.
  • Code 041. Courts, the Public Prosecutor's Office or other trial-related departments and procedures, e.g., the litigation related to the data subject and other civil or criminal related data.
  • Code 051. Schools record, e.g., universities, colleges or other schools, etc.
  • Code 052. Qualification or technique, e.g., qualification for diploma, professional technique, special license (such as pilot's license), governmental vocational training process, national examination, grades and other training record, etc.
  • Code 056. Works, e.g., book, article, report, audio-visual publishing and other works, etc.
  • Code 057. Record of students, apprentices, Examinees, e.g., learning process, related qualifications and certificate, the score and evaluation in the examination, rate or comment or other learning record, etc.
  • Code 061. Current status of employment, e.g., employer, title in the work place, the description about work, ranking, the date of employment, working hour, the working place, character of industry, the condition and period being offered, the previous liabilities and experiences related to the existing employer, etc.
  • Code 062. Employment experiences, e.g., the date of employment, the way of being employed, employed through intermediary/referral and the period of employment, etc.
  • Code 063. Leave office, e.g., the date of leaving office and it's reason, notice and condition for leaving office, etc.
  • Code 064. Working experiences, e.g., previous employer and work, the period of redundancy and in military service, etc.
  • Code 066. Record of health and safety, e.g., occupational disease, record of safety and accident, the qualification and certificate for CPR and travel emergencies aiding information, etc.
  • Code 068. Salaries and withholding amount, e.g., salary, wages, commission, bonus, expenses, allowance, welfare, borrowed cash, tax-paying, the deduction of pension, admission fee for the labor union, the minimum wage, the way which the wage are paid in, and date of being given a raise, etc.
  • Code 072. Educational and training record, e.g., compulsory education and training concerning work, education and training already participated, qualifications or technique which already have, etc.
  • Code 088. Details concerning insurance, e.g., type of insurance, scope of insurance, amount of insurance, period of insurance, due date, premium, insurance benefits, etc.
  • Code 111. Record of health, e.g., medical reports, record of treatment and diagnosis, result of 3 / 3 LCY-121LAW01-202012-3 examination, handicapped type, degree, validity period, identity number and contactor, etc.  Code 116. Data relating to suspect of criminal offence, e.g., details of committing crime, wanted detail, befriending criminal sentenced, nickname, and provable evidences, etc.
  • Code 118. Member of political group, e.g., member of political party or the post held, etc.
  • Code 120. Religion and faith.

LCY shall collect, process and use any of such code types of your personal information according to the contracts, agreements and/or LCY’s safety and environmental regulations. Any data of your personal information that LCY has been collected was changed: You shall notify LCY in writing.

3. Duration, Area, User and Processing of use Personal Information:

(1) Duration: it is for the period until the specific purpose of collection has expired or terminated, or in accordance with the related laws, regulations or contracts, which is latter.

(2) Area: in Republic of China, LCY’s branch out of ROC, the location that non-limited to transmit personal information internationally to such receivers by the government authority in charge of subject industry at the central government level, the location of agency, and the location of any entity which has business relationship with LCY.

(3) Using Party: LCY, LCY factories and branch, The Taiwan Payments Clearing System Development Foundation, the receivers who non-limited to transmit personal information internationally by the government authority in charge of subject industry at the central government level, LCY’s affiliates and its branches/ sub-companies, any entity that cooperates or promotion with LCY, any other entities who have business relationship with LCY, including but not limited banks or insurances, and other institutions of survey rights or financial supervisory authorities in accordance with law.

(4) Processing: To be used by automatic or non-automatic measures.

4. The following rights should be exercised by You with regard to your personal information in accordance with Article 3 of the Personal Information Protection Act:

(1) any inquiry or request for a review, or make duplications of the personal information; LCY may charge a fee.

(2) any request to supplement or correct the personal information; however that, You shall provide an explanation applicably in writing.

(3) any request to delete, or to discontinue collection, processing or use of personal information; however, such request may not be applicable when it is necessary for the performance of an official duty or fulfillment of a legal obligation and has been recorded by LCY.

5. You understand and agree that you have choice to provide your Personal Information based on your willing. However, you also understand that if your do not provide your Personal Information or reject to amend or increase any data of such Personal Information, LCY shall not provide the goods or services or signing any contracts.

6. LCY shall be enacted to govern the Personal Information Protection Act and other related laws as amended from time to time, in the event that any non-conformance or non-compliances is existed under the Letter of Notification to Collection, Processing and Use of Personal Information.