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LCYT’s Green Operational Excellence Drives Monthly Revenue to 2-year High Strategic Sustainability Framework Creates Strong Growth Momentum


LCY Technology Corporation (TWSE: 4989, hereafter “LCYT”) announced its August financial statement, with monthly revenues of NT$462 million , amounting to 176% YoY growth. June YTM revenue reached NT$2.96 million, an increase of 69.9% over the same period last year and also a record high, benefitted from the strong market growth momentum, its green operational excellence strategy, its line-up of high-speed, high-frequency products, and a promising outlook in the renewable energy sector.

“We see two trends that drive the market growth - the booming renewable energy sector under global climate change and the advent of 5G technology supporting Smart Living. These are the drivers pushing copper foil demand increase and tight supply among our upstream PCB manufacturers,” said Seng Wui Lim, LCYT chairman. “At a time when LME copper prices are surging, LCYT’s green operational excellence strategy and stable network of suppliers made it possible for us to ensure reliable delivery.” In the meantime, according to Goldman Sachs recent researches, a surge in green capex—combined with the lack of copper mining projects—will lead to a multi-year bull market in copper. Copper has become the new oil.

Brilliant track record of reduction in resource use. A trusted green material partner

As a trusted supplier of green electronic materials, LCYT sources 100% recycled copper as raw material, with innovative processes and formulations was able to reduce copper sludge waste by 33%, and significantly cuts water consumption by 14% and electricity use by 7%. The company’s environmentally friendly manufacturing processes, including bio-based additives, also enabled it to reduce its environmental impact. Lim points out that, “overall, the green operation strategy has helped us reduce costs, improved quality and increase productivity.

Productivity grew by 12% year-on-year, while yield improved by 4.7%, adding momentum to the company’s sustainable development, creating good environmental practice and profitability.

Comprehensive product lines support 5G and renewable energy applications

The trend towards Smart Living means LCYT’s copper foil products are now not only being used in consumer electronics but also more and more in high-speed, high-frequency niche areas such as 5G and automotive electronics. The company is committed to the development of new low-profile products, including reverse-treated foil and double-shiny side foil that can be used across the whole value chain. In response to the challenge of climate change, renewable energy has become the focus of infrastructure development in many countries. LCYT has now expanded the application of its copper foil products to power equipment and charging facilities. Driven by the two growth areas of high-speed, high-frequency and renewable energy solutions, LCYT offers a comprehensive product portfolio ranging from thin copper (9–12 μm) to thick copper (2, 3, 4 oz).

Optimistic about ever-increasing market demand, LCYT continues to evaluate expansion plans. At the same time, the company has enhanced its R&D capabilities through close collaboration with its LCY Group R&D resources, and with academic partners such as universities and research institutes in Taiwan.

LCYT will continue to drive its green operational excellence strategy with the sourcing of recycled water in 2022, and deployment of 10% green electricity ahead of the government’s 2025 target. Furthermore, LCYT will be the first listed company in the copper foil industry in Taiwan to release an ESG report using both SASB and GRI standards. This shows LCYT’s unwavering promise to deliver green operational excellence, and the company continuously strive to create sustainable value for the environment, employees, community and shareholders.