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We use the most advanced production equipment, and the main process is produced in a clean room to control the stability of the copper foil. In terms of product planning, we have currently mass-produced 4oz, 3oz, 2oz, 1oz, 1/2oz, 1/3oz, and 9µm copper foil. , and has developed high-quality copper foil products such as 7µm ultra-thin copper foil, VLP (Very Low Profile), RTF (Reverse Treatment Foil), 2RT (Very low profile RTF), etc. Its product features are as follows:

  • The main process of the production line is controlled by clean rooms to ensure environmental quality.
  • Use more than 99.9% high-purity copper raw materials to ensure the quality of copper foil
  • The purity of the electrolyte in the process is passed through a multi-channel ultra-precision filtration system to completely remove impurities in the solution.
  • The manufacturing process adopts DCS control, with good manufacturing process design and high operating efficiency.
  • We have independent R&D and testing production machines to quickly develop products to meet customer needs.

Our technical and R&D team has more than 20 years of professional experience and technology in copper foil manufacturing, and can provide high-quality, high-reliability customized copper foil for the printed circuit board industry (PCB) and copper foil substrate industry (CCL) .

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  • High quality production line environment
  • Copper raw material is of high purity, reaching more than 99.9%
  • The process electrolyte is highly clean and completely free of impurities
  • Manufacturing process is well designed and efficient
  • Can quickly develop products to meet customer customized needs

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