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Green copper foil, 100% recycled scrap copper wire + waste recycling/management

Made from 100% recycled copper wire

How to make the procurement of raw materials and the production and manufacturing process more friendly to the global environment is an issue that LCYT is constantly thinking about.

In 2021, LCYtech saved more than 100 tons of chemical raw materials every month through optimization of process conditions. Compared with the previous year (2020), the average monthly output of copper-containing wastewater sludge in 2021 decreased by 33.5%, all of which were handed over to The external reuse processing mechanism can extract valuable metals for recycling. The more environmentally friendly production process reduces costs and increases LCYtech's sustainable competitiveness.

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LCYtech not only uses 100% recycled scrap copper wires as raw materials, but after entering the process, through key processes such as electrochemical deposition, environmentally friendly processes, smart manufacturing, and water circulation, the scrap copper wire raw materials go through three internal recycling paths again and become copper again. Foil raw materials.

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Waste source reduction

LCYtech practices green manufacturing and takes "minimize output and maximize recycling" as the management goal of waste management. The total production volume in 2021 has increased significantly to 11,310 tons, an increase of 1,514 metric tons compared with 2020, but the total amount of waste has decreased by 519.01 tons (the total amount of waste in 2021 is 1,103.34 tons), showing that Li Changrong Technology's process technology improvement plan has reached the level of raw materials Optimization and minimization of use.

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In addition, in order to implement source reduction, LCYtech continues to optimize the process and successfully reduces the total amount of hazardous waste. In 2021, general waste will be reduced by 15.16 tons compared with 2020, and hazardous waste will be significantly reduced by 496.99 tons, a reduction of up to 31.86%. The unit output of waste also dropped to 0.10 tons/ton, a decrease of 37.5% compared with the previous year.

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LCYtech uses 100% recycled scrap copper wire as raw material. After the process is used, priority is given to recycling in the factory. After cutting, the copper foil is put back into the copper melting system and returned to the production line; the process sludge generated is handed over to the manufacturer for solidification and burial; The copper-containing wastewater sludge is initially dewatered and concentrated in the factory area to reduce the carrying volume before being entrusted to the manufacturer for reuse and processing, and is processed and refined into copper oxide or copper ingots for external recycling.

Waste towards zero discharge

LCYtech's waste management is uniformly managed by the production unit. After detailed classification, storage, testing, and promotion of reduction, the waste is reported honestly to the relevant units, and the waste contractors are audited annually and regularly. All hazardous waste produced in 2021 (1,062.75 tons) was entrusted to legal manufacturers for removal, of which 94.71% (1,006.56 tons) was ultimately processed for reuse.

In order to achieve independent reduction and improve the efficiency of the use of waste resources, we set short, medium and long-term management goals based on the average ratio from 2016 to 2018. We hope that by 2030, the output of waste per unit product will decrease. to 0.07 metric tons, and 94% of the waste can be handed over to waste treatment plants for reuse.

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